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Organization of MeV

The MeV Summer School is intended to fill a critical educational gap for engineers and applied scientists involved in the design, licensing, and operation of 21st century nuclear power plants. With the nuclear renaissance comes the expectation that hundreds of reactors will be operating worldwide by mid-century. Ensuring the safe and efficient operation of those plants, most of which will run for over 60 years, is a challenge worthy of the most dedicated professionals. The MeV experience will provide them with better tools for that task.

The school is organized through the cooperation of multiple stakeholders with a shared goal of building a strong workforce to support global nuclear expansion. The faculty will be drawn from top experts in universities and laboratories. The general organization and conduct of the school will be overseen by an international board of senior experts. A local secretariat will provide technical, logistical, and administrative support to students and faculty.

Executive Committee


Jess Gehin, Chair (INL)

Jeremy Busby (ORNL)

Nam Dinh (NCSU)

Phillip Finck, Chair Emeritus (INL Retired)

Alan Icenhour (ORNL)

George Imel (ISU)

Hussein Khalil (ANL)

Dave Kropaczek (ORNL)

Chris Stanek (LANL)

Temitope Taiwo (ANL)

John Wagner (INL)


Curtis Smith (INL)

Tyler Gerczak (ORNL)

Changho Lee (ANL)

Scientific Secretariat

(2023 School)

Courtney Otani

Ryan Sweet

Vaibhav Yadav


(2022 School)

Nathan Capps

Kenneth Kane

Rachel Seibert

Weicheng Zhong

(2021 School)

Milos Atz

Tingzhou Fei

David Jaluvka

Shikhar Kumar

Yoichi Momozaki

Basar Ozar

Hansol Park

Ling Zou



Tandy Bales


Nancy Ward


Brea Grischkat

Advisory Board

Hany Abdel-Khalik (Purdue)

Jacopo Buongiorno (MIT)

William Burchill (TAMU Retired)

Moon Hee Chang (South Korea)

Xu Cheng (China)

Ken Czerwinski (UNLV)

Yaron Danon (RPI)

Thomas Downar (UM)

Concetta Fazio (Germany)

Juan-Luis Francois (Mexico)

Ray Gamino (KAPL)

Gideon Greyvenstein (Sunray Power Company)

Jason Harris (Purdue)

Yassin Hassan (TAMU)

Andrew Klein (OSU)

Hyung Lee (BAPL)

Kathryn McCarthy (Canadian Nuclear Laboratories - Chalk River)

Mark Peters (Battelle)

Sylvie Pillon (France)

Frank Rahn (Whitney Research)

Kord Smith (MIT)

Bob Speranzini (Canadian Nuclear Laboratories - Chalk River)

Glenn Sjoden (University of Utah)

Bhaskar Sur (Canadian Nuclear Laboratories)

Toshikazu Takeda (Japan)

Timothy Valentine (ORNL)

Karen Vierow Kirkland (TAMU)

Jasmina Vujic (UC Berkeley)

Paul Wilson (UW)

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