About MeV

The MeV Summer School is intended to improve the training of engineers and applied scientists involved in the design, licensing and operation of a 21st century nuclear energy industry through a multi-faceted learning approach of lectures, tours, and other activities. The school is organized through the cooperation of multiple stakeholders with a shared goal of building a strong workforce to support global nuclear expansion.


The 2022 MeV school will be organized by Oak Ridge National Laboratory with the theme of “Accelerated Fuel Qualification”. The faculty will be drawn from top experts in academia, industry, and government. The general organization and conduct of the school will be overseen by an international board of senior experts. A local secretariat will provide technical, logistical and administrative support to students and faculty.

The MeV Summer School will provide upcoming and current engineers and scientists with advanced studies in integrated modeling, experimentation, and validation to develop an understanding of the current and future challenges facing nuclear energy advancement. Successful students will leave with a holistic, forward-looking view of MeV that cannot be provided by any other current curriculum. The school provides a forum for drawing the best topical expertise from around the globe. It is the aim of the school to foster the development of a next-generation network of scientists and engineers capable of advancing nuclear energy in the 21st century through integrated modeling and experimentation.

The MeV Summer School integrates a wide range of teaching and mentoring expertise, deeply underpinned by knowledge, skills, and experience. An integrated toolbox of modeling and experimentation will be developed with an emphasis on developing skills for critical thinking leading to impactful research and development.

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Throughout the school, students have opportunities to interact with school lecturers and senior scientists from academia, government agencies and laboratories, and industry. Participants will receive information introducing each student's research, enabling the students to obtain feedback and input from prominent experts and lecturers, and facilitating further student-student interactions and networking. The program will include a panel discussion of experts to foster discourse on exciting topics presented in the curriculum. The panel will be open for questions/answers and interaction with the panelists. The classroom instruction will be augmented by tours and other activities to link the classroom material to practical research.

A certificate of graduation will be awarded for the successful completion of the MeV Summer School. Graduate credit is available after successful completion of the MeV Summer School, upon request, and at additional cost to the student.


About ORNL

Oak Ridge National Laboratory delivers scientific discoveries and technical breakthroughs needed to realize solutions in energy and national security and provide economic benefit to the nation. We address national needs through impactful research and world-leading research centers. Our wide range of partnerships with other US Department of Energy (DOE) laboratories and programs, universities, and industry allows us to pair our strengths with others for outstanding contributions to science.


ORNL researchers apply unique facilities, sophisticated tools, and signature strengths in neutron science, high-performance computing, advanced materials, biology and environmental science, nuclear science and engineering, isotopes, and national security research to benefit science and society, making it possible for us to:

  • Advance understanding, design, and use of new materials and chemical processes

  • Reveal unmatched insights through computing and data

  • Ensure safe, clean nuclear power and secure nuclear materials

  • Produce rare isotopes for medicine, industry, security, research, and space exploration

  • Increase and exploit understanding of biological and environmental systems, from genes to ecosystems


Addressing National Needs Established in 1943 as part of the Manhattan Project, ORNL is building on a legacy of discovery and innovation to continually address our most urgent R&D needs.

  • The Proton Power Upgrade and Second Target Station will open new frontiers in materials research at the Spallation Neutron Source

  • Frontier, ORNL’s exascale computer, will deliver world-leading performance in 2021

  • ORNL assets are being focused on national artificial intelligence and quantum initiatives

  • New materials, software, and systems for advanced manufacturing developed at ORNL are transforming nuclear energy technology

  • Cybersecurity technologies developed by ORNL are improving the resilience of the nation’s electric grid and other critical infrastructure

  • Researchers are advancing biotechnology to convert plastics into valuable chemicals.